Alex Rivas Upholstery


The business started in the late 70’s in San Francisco, California and relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada just 10 years later where they have had a successful business.

racketonline article

racketonline article

We were featured in many publications over time including RACKET Magazine ( in the July 2009 issue where a suite we designed for the beautiful and exclusive Panorama Towers was featured;
a jewel in the city of Las Vegas.

In Apr 2006 our own home was featured in las vegas home&design where the write Cheri Watkins described our style as “impeccable”.

However, it was in the Summer of 2010 that a heart breaking fire swept through our business and the physical location and all of it’s contents were completely destroyed. Our standing in the community and relationships in the Arts District helped us come back quickly with a temporary location near our old place on Main Street.

In 2013 we opened their new business location on Karen.